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Of thinking things through, working out and the Touch N Go app

October 5, 2018

I would like to start off with a question. How many of us think things through before acting? This question applies in our professional as well as personal life. I was asked to review a letter to our clients today. Good thing was I wasn’t asked to produce a draft. A draft was prepared and handed to me to review. Which makes the process just a little bit easier than having to draft something from scratch. Over the years I’ve always believed in having someone who has no experience in your field look at your work. In my view this approach is even better than having “a fresh pair of eyes” look at your work. A fresh pair of eyes would in all probability be your staff or someone familiar with your work.

What I’m advocating is someone who is totally unfamiliar with what you do. That alone would encourage a totally different point of view. And you’ll find yourself being exposed to other point of views. We have been in our own box for too long we cease to think outside that box. Applies to everyone, me included. I’ve been the my “legal” box for quite a long time so having a different perspective helps immensely.

On a happier note, I’ve been going to the gym for more than a year now. I’m not a physical activity guy by any means but when I had to go for a full medical checkup for insurance purposes last year I had no choice but to change. So three weeks prior to the checkup I began to religiously go to the gym. I ran, did some strength training etc. Come checkup day I was really nervous. In the end I had nothing to worry as the results came out alright.

So not needing a reason to workout I decided to continue with gym and taking care of my food intake. It’s worked well so far. I’ll go 2-3 times a week to a gym near my house. It’s a nice and quaint place, not very crowded. I call it a “gym kampung” with friendly people who helped me a great deal when I first started going there. They’re mostly young chaps who are in great shape. The thing is the first thing I notice when I first joined was I was the oldest guy there but you’ve just got to start somewhere.

Here’s the other reason I started going to the gym and taking care of my diet. I’d like to be able to carry some fashion. You see, I’m not vertically blessed (which means I’m not tall) so to be short and pudgy destroys your chance to ever look good in fashion. Looking presentable yes, but not looking nearly as good. So I strive to at least be lean. Which I’ve  managed to be. To be honest going to the gym is the easy bit. Watching your diet that’s the challenge. I’m not a person who goes looking for eating spots that go viral but I enjoy food nonetheless. Not a crime but contributes to the pudginess.

Okay this is a post which has been in the back burner for too long and I’ve got to publish it. Just one last rant. The other day I downloaded the Touch N Go app from the App Store. I thought it would be very convenient to be able to reload your card with the app and not having to go to a counter. I find the app is supposed to be super useful at checking your card balance, paying bills, booking flight and movie tickets and even transferring money. Pretty useful isn’t it? But here’s the catch. The app doesn’t have a function where you can top up your Touch N Go card. Which is a no brainer. All those functions and you cannot do one thing which is synonymous with Touch N Go. Major WTF moment. And I realised all this after topping up my card with RM20.

Looks like I’ll have to use the other functions to spend the RM20 then..

Touch N Go

Do you see any top up option?


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