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Of fireworks, Twitter and training

February 21, 2019

A belated Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping for better things in every way in 2019. Health, wealth, family, work in no particular order. On new year’s eve as everyone knows there’ll always be big fireworks everywhere. There’s one at KLCC, Putrajaya and privately-organised ones. I’ll always have the desire to go and enjoy one of these fireworks displays but somehow end up not going. And immediately regretting it. I know how kids enjoy these shows. Every time I miss the display I’ll always say, “oh we’ll go to the Independence Day one next time. And end up not going. So on the recent new year’s eve we spent the enjoying the fireworks display from my brother in law’s apartment in Cyberjaya. I must say it was good although somehow the kids don’t seem to be too thrilled. Anyway, one item off the bucket list.

Don’t ask me about any of those new year’s resolution stuff because I don’t have any. New Year’s resolution is so yesterday. Now everyone is on a continuous improvement journey. If I have an ongoing resolution it’s to improve my fitness and health (and this paunch I have requires some attention as well).

I’ve been on twitter for some time now albeit not active at all (shameless plug @shahrin_albakri). Recently I revisited my feed and started following other accounts (more than the 5 people I follow previously). I realised that opinion exchanges in twitter are more vigourous and intensive. It seems that the masses are more engaging and vocal there. As a total noob I was fascinated. The other thing I discovered was the intellect levels of Malaysians really shone through the discussion and feedback given to various issues. I’ve started to provide my own thoughts on stuff but I’m a fairly guarded person who keeps a lot of my own opinions to myself so comments have been few and far in between. Hence my description of myself in my profile as being a “semi-independent thought poster”.

IMG_5475 (1)

Shameless plug much?

I am very aware of the consequences of posts or comments made in haste, anger or without proper thought. At the end of the day I work for the collective benefit of my family. Wouldn’t want my career to be affected by my online presence in any way. As always you’ll only realise your folly once you’re required to pay for it.

Today I gave training to my colleagues at work on Non-Disclosure Agreements. I thought I’d start with a light topic as we all know how dry legal subjects can be. I thought the turnout would be poor but was pleasantly surprised. Not excellent but good enough. Looks like spamming everyone with reminder emails worked.  I really thought we had a good session. Very happy with the questions from the floor too. You know the old adage if there are no questions it means everyone understood your presentation or no one understands at all. Usually it’s the latter. This time there were questions on the subject covered and also other legal questions. Feels good being the trainer when you know you’re connecting with the crowd.


Me doing what I do best i.e. confusing people.


The crowd doing what they do best i.e. pretending to be interested.

I plan to conduct training every two months, work permitting. Hope to have better turnout next time. Till then!







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