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Of shitty decoders and Astro indoctrination

May 18, 2011

Now, this is a rant, proper and true. Came back to JB tonight. You see, before I leave for KL every week I’ll make sure to turn off the power point where the TV, Astro and my DVD player is plugged in to. So being somebody who cannot live without Astro, the moment I step into the house, I’ll turn on the power. Usually everything turns out OK. Anyway tonight lo and behold, the Astro decoder didn’t boot up! Being the cool guy that I am (am I?) I took my time and turned off the power, turned it back on with the hope that the decoder would boot. No such luck. I proceeded to call Astro customer service. A lady answered my call. “We have a troubleshooting procedure”, she said. Which turned out to be what I just did. She then told me a technician would be calling me within 48 hours. I clarified a very important point. “Would that be 48 hours or 48 working hours?”, I asked.

A lesson to be learned, everybody. I was once told the same thing by TM’s customer service when my streamyx broke down. I waited and waited. It turned out to bloody 48 working hours. That’s 5 working days. Thus, I learned my lesson. The hard way, I might add. Oh, and the Astro technician will be calling me within 48 hours.

The trouble’s not over. I thought, well I’ll just watch DVDs then. I switched the DVD player on. Great, that got KOed too. I may have to bring it somewhere for repairs. Which I haven’t a clue where. Just great. There’s nothing like coming home to Astro after a hard day at work. That’s gone now (for this week at least). I hear you ask, “You can watch DVDs on the laptop, right? Surely you are ranting in your blog via a computer”. That I cannot dispute. But if you are a self respecting guy, you would not watch a DVD on your laptop, would you? With bad sound system and sometimes the picture quality sucks (which is what you get for buying pirated DVDs). Looks like it’s all doom and gloom then.

Well, come to think of it, this may be a sign. Sign of what? I haven’t figured that out just yet. I believe things happen for a reason. Again, I can’t really find the reason for this. Probably I’ve got to bring my work home then. That would just be crazy wouldn’t it? I admit I do work at home at times. Voluntarily and not because I do not have Astro. Now I end up watching terrestrial TV. Am watching Nightline on TV3 now. Which I never do. And what’s with Yuna suddenly talking with an American accent? Pardon my crankiness. That’s what you become without Astro.

Anyway, in case you’re reading this and you do not have Astro, I would like to apologise to you from the bottom of my heart. You must be thinking, “what is this guy ranting and raving about? I don’t have Astro and I get on just fine”. Point taken. Sorry again. It’s just me. I am the result of years and years of indoctrination by Astro. Please blame them because I honestly think they are the evil ones here.

Now, time for a contingency plan. I heard there are many good movies being shown now. Been planning to watch Thor. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 starts this Thursday. I might just watch those and get to know JB while I’m at it. Well what do you know, the Kangar round of the Cub Prix is starting now on TV3. That will have to do for now. Good night!

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