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Of the Champions’ League final and shoes

May 29, 2011

I’m waiting for the Champions’ League final now. It seems the game will only start at 3 am. You see, I’m not the type who’ll sleep first and get up when the game starts. The truth is, I just won’t get up. I may wake up, but I won’t get up. I’ll wake up and just simply go back to sleep. Never had the willpower to get up in the wee hours of the morning. During my university days, I’d rather stay up and study until morning (obviously as people who study at the very last minute would do) or dawn rather than getting up at 4 am and study. Never was a morning person either. Had to drag my self off my bed every single morning. I’d prefer to be lazing in bed (preferably with the TV on in front of me) and get up whenever I please.

And my thoughts on the game? Being a Manchester United fan, the smart money is surely on me being biased. However I honestly believe it’s going to be difficult for United. Barcelona plays the best club football in the world and I have great respect for not so much Messi, but Xavi and Iniesta. They keep it simple but just beautiful. Truly artisans of the game. That combined with Messi makes a lethal combination of highly effective football. Sir Alex revealed that United paid too much attention to Messi and the last time the two sides met in the Champions’ League final back in 2009 and was found wanting when the other players made their move. I just hope United play better tonight. But how can you compare Carrick to Xavi? I don’t see the game going any other way but Barca’s. But who knows?

Now, let’s talk about shoes. I’ve always had an affinity for shoes. In fact, I buy quite a few. They say you indulge in things that don’t come easy to you while you were kids. That’s especially true for me where shoes are concerned. As such, now I’ll buy a pair just on a whim. Not because I need ’em, just because I like ’em. Before you start labeling as being effeminate, I’m sure you have your own affinities as well. Some people collect toys, cufflinks or whatever. For me its shoes. Although I would’nt use the word “collect”. That would simply be unfair. To use “collect” would mean that I have 20 pairs or something like that. Not that many, but definitely more than the average guy.

Anyway, for work I don’t really wear shoes without laces. Just felt uncomfortable without them laces. Probably the fact that I was a school prefect back in VI had something to do with that. I bought a pair without laces a few months ago just to give it a try, but never felt truly comfortable in them. I like loafers too. I call them loafers, but I know they’re actually known as “boat shoes”. Why “boat”? I don’t have the answer to that. Apparently they’re used by people who go sailing. Ridiculous isn’t it? They’re made of leather (or suede) and in the wet conditions they don’t offer much help, do they? Anyway, if you’re curious, this is what a boat shoe looks like:

boat shoe

A boat shoe (credit to

I have a pair of them currently. Simply slip into them, no socks required. Just make sure you clean them and spray them with that stuff which removes the usually unpleasant odour of feet mixed with leather (I’m sure you’re imagining how that smells, haha).

I’ve had two pairs so far. The earlier one from Rockport served me for a whole 10 years I think. Even wore them while I was in my pasar malam phase. Never failed me. I have a new pair now (as mentioned above) and I know they’re going to be just as good.

The other thing is, I also have some of my shoes custom made (no, I’m not the stuck up, snobbish type who has his shoes custom made. It’s just that I found a guy who could do it for me. And it’s cheap). I have this regular guy of mine (again with the regular guy. Really have to find out his name) who does my shoes for me. He has a small, simple workshop from where he creates quality footwear for either sex. He’s really good. In fact you can print a photograph of a pair of shoes you like from the internet and bring it to him and he’ll start working and have you shoes ready in like 2 weeks. The prices are reasonable too. He last made a pair of work shoes for me about two and a half years ago. And I am happy with them so far.

I think the shoes you wear would to a certain extent define your character. Do you polish (or at least brush) your shoes regularly? Do you clean them? Do you shoes have mud marks on them when you wear them to work? See what I mean? Your character is indeed reflected by the shoes you wear and the state that they’re in. Anyway, I think I’m going to get this pair of shoes made now:

Prada shoes

Prada shoes (credit to

This pair will cost you RM1,965 if bought retail. With my guy, it’ll just be about RM250 or so. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, the game is starting just about now. Will be watching with a great deal of pessimism. If Barcelona scores 2 before half-time, I’m going to sleep. Till then!



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