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Of problems, a bit of Facebook and K-Pop

June 9, 2011

I’ve been alive for 36 plus years now. Which is good. I am looking for more years ahead, God willing. In all those years, there have been happy, very happy and supremely happy times. At the same time, there were bad, very bad and supremely bad times. I’m not going to write about the good times. Just the bad ones. No, I’m not in a brooding mood. Just felt like talking about that ever-present element of our lives, the problem.

As do I, everybody faces problems on a daily basis. Some problems worse than others. I’ve had my share of bad problems, even one life-threatening one. I’ve faced issues that made me unable to eat and sleep. But I gotten through them all with varying degrees of success. Some at a cost. Big, big cost. Looking back, life has treated me quite well so far. For that I am thankful. In my experience (which I admit, is not that much) the first impression we get when we face a problem would be something like, “habislah aku macam ni….macam mana nak face ni…”. And that’s totally understandable. It’s just because you cannot see the end of the problem when you first encounter it. You are filled with anxiety, your heartbeat goes over the roof, you imagine the worst. Been there done that.

And there’s no kidding too, it shows. I am a person who can hardly disguise a problem. When I am miserable, it shows on my face. And I think that’s the case with many people too. I always think the best approach when you face issues or problems is to take some time to think about it. I’d like to call it individual brainstorming. You just sit back and take a few deep breaths and consider your options. And if you are comfortable about talking to other people, by all means do it. Sometimes you just get such a mental block you can’t think straight. And the thing is, I’ve managed to find unique solutions to problems I’ve faced by accepting other people’s ideas. At times you just have to let others do the thinking for you. If you are a well balanced person emotionally, you should be able to isolate the issues you’re facing and go into deep thought mode. Generally I can do that. But other times I just discuss with other people. You’ll be surprised what they can come up with.

Now, is there such a thing as a problem without solution? Unless you have a terminal disease I don’t think there’s a problem in this world without a solution. Although sometimes the solution is really not what you wanted it to be. The solution may not be to your liking. You may have to sacrifice something. Then the consideration bit comes. At times you just learn to accept the lesser of two evils. Which I’ve done many, many times. After making your choice, you just have to learn to live with your decision. After all, you can’t get everything you want, can you? Sad, but true.

On the other hand, I’ve also been told that no matter how big your problems are, there are people who have bigger problems. Are you familiar with the “I used to complaint about not having shoes until I saw a man with no feet” adage? To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care. Not in a bad way, but I honestly believe everybody has to deal with their own problems. Although the above saying does bring about a measure of realism and empathy, it doesn’t really give me any comfort. When you face a problem, at times you get upset when people tell you there are other people who are worse off. My response would always be, “yeah, obviously they are worse off, but I’ve got my own issues to deal with”. And I just get on with it. I suggest you do too. No choice really.

After some heavy dose of reality above, I have a mini-rant. This is sort of a continuation of yesterday’s entry about Facebook. What’s the deal with people who like their own posts? It’s like you update your status with something and then clicking the “like” button. My question is, if you didn’t like it, would you have posted it in the first place?  I’ve this guy on my friend list who does this every single time (as far as I can remember). I think it’s fair to like other people’s posts or links or whatever. I’ve done that countless times. To me liking your own posts is the ultimate sign of vanity, isn’t it? Posting something you like and for good measure (and unintentionally irritating other people) liking it. And you know what’s the worst thing? When after some time, you find that nobody else likes your posting but yourself. If it happens to me, I’ll just delete the posting altogether. But wait, I don’t double-like my own posts, ever!

For those who are perturbed by my entries on Facebook observations, I am sorry. You may probably have issues/problems with said entries. After doing some individual brainstorming of my own, I think I may have the solution for you. You’re just going to have to deal with it!

P.S. I have the K-Pop programme currently showing on I think all these K-Pop artistes have gone for plastic surgery in one form or another. They just look too good!


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