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Of Einstein and candy buffets

June 21, 2011

Today I read somewhere the great Albert Einstein once said, “I’d rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right“. I never thought Einstein to be a philosopher to be perfectly honest with you. But the man did make a valid point there. It’s often said you need to look at the bright side of things all the time. If you are faced with issues, always see how you can make the best of the situation. The glass is always half full, never half empty. I do try to look at the bright side of every situation that befalls me. Doesn’t matter how difficult or severe, there must be a silver lining somewhere.

Whenever I am in some sort of difficulty, in my mind there could be one of two possibilities. Firstly, Allah is testing me and would like to see how I respond and react. If I do well, I will be rewarded. Well, maybe not with money, but with other things we are so used to taking for granted. Like health, our children excelling in their studies, us being able to do our work well, things like that. The second possibility is that Allah is punishing me for my sins (and I have a lot of those, not only past but present as well). In this particular instance, my sins are lessened and God willing, be a better person. Looking at it this way, it’s always a win-win situation. You never lose. There’s always good out of every situation.

Although in my approach above, it’s always easier said than done (as with a lot of other things in life). At times, it’s difficult to keep a positive frame of mind. There would inevitably be doubt. Am I doing enough? Are there factors beyond my control? Questions and more questions. I was once told that whatever happens to me at a particular moment in my life is the best that could happen considering the circumstances. In short, things could be worse. And I honestly believe that. I have a question that should be asked to everybody. Have you ever faced a problem and did not do anything affirmative to address it? Could be a big problem, could be a little one. Suddenly you realise that there was an intervention by somebody or something. And your problem just goes away.

I have indeed experienced moments like that. It’s uncanny, but it’s the absolute truth. Now, the material question here is, who actually prompted the intervention? Is it you or any other human being? I don’t think so. If the said intervention was by a person, who prompted the said person to intervene? All factors considered, it must be Allah’s work, is it not? Strange. But He works in strange ways. That is exactly why things would always take a turn for the better in the end. Well, look at it this way. If you’re at the very bottom of the abyss, there’s nowhere else to go but up isn’t it?

I am not preaching here, of all people I would be the least qualified. But I’ve been told that what I just explained above is exactly how it is. No two ways about it. Don’t even dare to think otherwise.

Keeping on the enlightenment note, today I found this site through Facebook. It’s called Something Sweet By Mimi. Mimi caters for parties. And to me she has a unique product. She caters candy buffets. I have a few photos to share. I’m thinking of getting one of her buffets for Nureen’s birthday in October.

Candy buffet (pink)

And here’s what’s in the pink candy buffet:

Apam polka dot (not exactly candy, but the colours are beautiful!)


Bubble gums






Just beautiful isn’t it? She has the buffets in other colours as well:

Purple candy buffet

Looks really nice. And obviously the interplay of colours is magnificent. The rates are reasonable as well. I’m all for money well spent. For Nureen’s 9th birthday, we hired a performing artist by the name of Happy. Well, he’s a clown actually, but I specifically instructed him not to come with his clown get up on (Murni is just terrified of clowns). He did a stupendous job and kept 30 or so children at their wits’ end with his act. I think the candy buffet might just top it.

*all photographs courtesy of Something Sweet by Mimi.





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