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Of the Legal Department and hope

June 27, 2011

I have 2 friends that I know so far who are leaving or have left my previous workplace. I myself left back in February and am very happy where I am now (don’t want to say too much or I might jinx it). It appears that the turnover rate is quite high where I was. When you work somewhere, there are a multitude of factors to consider. Are you happy with work? Are you being paid reasonably well? Do you have a good boss and/or colleagues? To be honest, I left because I wanted to learn a new industry (the pay is better as well. Not to say so would make me a first class hypocrite). My previous place of work was a property development company. Not just any property development company but the biggest property development company in the country. It’s a mega conglomerate, a Government-linked company. Not a bad place to be, isn’t it?

I was there for four years. During which, I must say I learned a lot. Benefits were good, the pay not too shabby. I was in the Legal Department. Alone at first, then the department grew to a healthy size of 10 including me. The role of the department is for the majority of the time, an understated one. I think it is understandable that in an organisation, the department(s) which makes money for the company is usually the cherished one, be it sales or marketing or whatever. Obviously the common thought and impression is the personnel in that department should be taken care of as they are the ones who performed duties which ultimately would bring revenue to the company. As such there may be a higher level of focus in the activities of the said department.

I’ve certainly no issues with that. In fact, I encourage it. Evaluate the needs and requirements and ensure that the department meets its critical objectives (I somehow deride the phrase KPI for some reason. Rather over used in my opinion. The other one is the word “strategic”). But let’s think about this for a moment. The Legal Department certainly doesn’t make any money for the company (well, not in the traditional method, anyway. Although for the life of me I cannot think of how I make any money for the company, haha). Although by ensuring the company or organisation goes into any transaction with its eyes wide open by minimising risks and exposure (legal and non-legal) I honestly believe the Legal Department saves the company quite a lot of money and trouble. Who knows what the future holds.

The other thing is, I’ve always seen myself as a problem solver (sounds grand. It never is. Actually I’d rather be a problem eliminator). In my line of work, people come to me with all manners of problems. Obviously mostly work-related. And I’ll try to do my absolute best to alleviate their troubles. At times, it’s not easy. But it’s just that people are counting on me to at least come up with a some measure of solution. I’ve always taken great pride at managing to solve many of the problems given to me. Although there have been hits and misses. In any case, it never is a losing situation. If you succeed, you thank Allah and should you fail, you learn and ensure that whatever got you into trouble is never repeated. Which is difficult. Sometimes you just forget. As such I try to write down all these lessons in order to serve as a reminder.

I have digressed quite a bit. Thought of writing about turnover. Got carried away with all the Legal Department stuff and my work. Anyway, I wish all my friends who are leaving their current workplace to environments anew good luck and may you achieve what you’ve always wanted. When you were at your previous place, the grass is always greener on the other side. Now, let’s see if it is indeed.

Which brings me nicely to my other subject. I have a question. Are you looking forward to anything in your life currently? I definitely am. To me, looking forward to something is like hope (they probably are the same thing). It makes you carry on with your life. How do you expect to go on if you don’t have anything to look forward to? Some look forward to a promotion, the birth of a child, getting married, getting a new car amongst others. You do the things you do in your life, all focused towards the thing you look forward to or hope to achieve. Be that as it may, the process may be fraught with factors which may bring about disappointment. As such I’ve learnt not to place too much hope with anything. Although at most times I just cannot help but think of what I may get. Easily termed as “berangan”. Well, everything starts with that, isn’t it?

Anyhow, I’m going to keep on dreaming of the things that I want, although some may be completely out of reach. Something may be out of reach today, but through “rezeki” or a weird twist of fate, who knows?

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