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Of pressure and Param

August 9, 2011

In life, we deal with expectations all the time. Everybody seems to expect something from everybody else. Your boss expects you to deliver good quality work, your family expects you to provide for them  and so on. So one question remains, do you sometimes feel just a little pressured by all the expectations heaped on you? Well, I’ve got a few thoughts on this. Firstly, have you been performing all your life? You were the top student, you are the diligent worker, you’re the good son/daughter, husband/wife and so on. Now with that kind of pedigree, high expectation is inevitable isn’t it?

If you belong to the above category, failure is just not an option. People around you would not tolerate anything but the best from you. Once there is even a hint of non-performance (not failure OK), expect criticism to flow. And the thing is, not all is justified. Especially if you’re in a position that demands performance without bounds. Honestly, I feel I am in that situation right now. I am where you would call a cauldron of pressure. At times it just gets to me. You know what I’d like to do when I’m burdened by the weight of pressure? I feel like riding my bike to a beach somewhere and spending a good few days alone doing whatever I feel like doing. That would just be magnificent. So far I’ve not been able to do that. One of these days I might just start my journey.

OK, secondly you are under self imposed pressure. You feel you just need to perform all the time although people around you would happily give you time to grow. There’s both good and bad in that. Good when you continually set high standards for yourself and you don’t compromise on quality. Bad when you find that you simply cannot match your own standards. You are engulfed in the flames of your own making and may end up self destructing. That’s really bad. As for me, I get super pissed when I cannot raise my game to my own satisfaction. The bad thing about that is I my blood pressure just rises. Literally.

When you have hypertension running through your family, getting over stressed is bad news. I have always felt that I could manage my own stress levels. Last week I realised that I am getting these stress headaches with a higher rate of regularity. I had it everyday for 4 days. Fortunately I have this blood pressure monitor which I use to measure my pressure level. The readings have been rather encouraging. So far no worries. But I really need to manage my stress level. The other thing is I’m beginning to have trouble sleeping. Which is probably worse than having hypertension. Last night I couldn’t sleep until about 4 am (which explains the double blog posting). A good friend from Facebook has recommended a herbal solution to my problem which I would be trying really soon. I hope it works.

Well, enough of my medical condition. Sometimes I wonder if anybody at all is interested in all the rather unnecessary information. Anyway, today I came across this website which is called  Which just sounds wrong. According to the explanatory note, it is a website where, “Kalau nak tau kat mana nak cari makanan yang best, Mak kata “go to” — A community project to gather information on good food stalls at Pasar Ramadhans. Anyone & everyone is encouraged to contribute & share the good things that they’ve tasted at their favorite PARAMs.

Can anybody please tell me why it is not wrong to abbreviate the Pasar Ramadhan as “Param”? Again, it’s just wrong man. I have always known Param as the comedian who was in his element in the 80s. And sadly he passed passed away on 14 August 2009, aged 55. Abbreviating Pasar Ramadhan as “Param” is really not a good way to honour the late Param’s memory, don’t you think? Probably the guy behind the project is a guy in his twenties who’ve never heard of Param the comedian before. If he/she has not, I suggest somebody enlighten him/her. What is wrong with having the domain name “”? I honestly don’t see any issues with it.

Here’s to honouring the late Param’s legacy.

The late Param...thanks for the memories

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