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September 6, 2011

How’s your Raya celebrations going on? I’m sure you’re having a good one. For me its the same old story. I think its true what they say. Raya is mainly for children. They are the ones who are the happiest. I think this is true due to mainly two reasons. Firstly, the kids are the recipients of duit raya. I used to get 20 sen or 50 sen if I’m lucky. This year I see people handing out RM5 to kids. No wonder the kids are a happy lot! If you factor in inflation, no way 20 sen 20 years ago is worth RM5 today. So that’s a nett gain for the kids. Well, good for them I say.

Secondly, children are pure and innocent. They really celebrate Raya wholeheartedly, new clothes and all. For us adults, the Raya celebrations acts only as a respite or a temporary break of sorts. You leave work on the last day of work before your festive holidays, take maybe a week off (at the most) and come back to your job and the attendant problems and issues. For me the day I return to work pretty much marks the end of Hari Raya. Looking at the issues faced, there simply cannot be any way for me to be in a celebratory mood. Further, because of the purity and innocence factor mentioned above, children are able to celebrate without prejudice. Most are happy with friends in school, go and have a merry time and go back to having a good time with friends in school with an extra RM100 or so to boot. Anyway I admit there’s a certain element of perversion to the celebratory concept for children due to the preoccupation with duit raya.

Adults are full of prejudice. I hate you with a vengeance and I am expected to shake your hand and apologise just because it is Hari Raya? I don’t think so. It works the same the other way as well. So Hari Raya is not really the season for forgiveness after all (not for everybody at least). The other thing are people who say their apologies during Hari Raya (which is fine). But for the life of you you’ll never hear them say sorry during other times of the year. Even for very little things. It’s unfortunate if it takes Hari Raya for you to apologise to anybody. I feel there’s no shame at all in saying sorry (at any time at all) if you feel you’ve  offended anybody in any way possible. Although again there’s no problems at all with apologising during Hari Raya. Can’t doubt people’s sincerity can you?

There’s this other thing about Raya. Do you notice that all lagu Raya uses the same (or almost the same) lyrics? The favourite ones are “Aidilfitri mulia”, “ampun maaf dipinta” and a few others (can’t really think of any from the top of my head but I swear I had a few more the other day). Even the rock lagu Raya had the same phrases. I’m not saying Hari Raya is a one dimensional celebration (it’s not but that’ll take another entry to cover), but that’s just something I noticed.

Anyway, it’s a week overdue but Selamat Hari Raya! Hope you didn’t gain too much weight during the festivities!

Hari Raya

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