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Of snobbery and empty highways

October 5, 2011

I’ve been saying aloof to describe  a person for the longest time. Then I looked “aloof” up. Doesn’t really describe what I wanted. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines aloof as “at a distance”. That’s not quite what I was looking for. What I wanted was the word to describe someone who is in his own world, thinking that he is the best (nothing wrong with that, initially) and at the same time shutting out everybody. Well, almost everybody except those who he sees as being in his league. How do you deal with somebody like this? I’m sure you’ve come across people of this sort at some point of your life. Trust me, I’ve met quite a few. I don’t know, but I seem to be a magnet for douche (don’t criticise me for the company I keep, I just can’t help it).

I agree there is a difference between being aloof (I’ll stick with the word for now) and just high self confidence. I think I have high self confidence but I am definitely not aloof. I like people’s company in general and I definitely don’t think I only deserve the attention or company of guys who in my “league” (if there’s such a thing). I remember when I was in school, there’s this group of students who stick together and think they’re better than just about everybody else. They’re usually the clever ones (at least they think they are) and more often than not come from the more well heeled families. I’m sure there’s this sort of group in every school. I used to avoid them and join the “other” group. You know, those in the group whom I like to call the “rock” group. Guys who play football for the school, guys who are in the uniformed groups, things like that. Did my avoidance of these guys signify a lack of self confidence on my part? Or probably I just can’t stand people like that? I am supremely confident (note the self confidence) that it is the latter.

A little caveat. There are always exceptions to the rule. I’ve known guys who fit the billing of the aloof group who are perfectly OK guys and we get along famously. No complaints there.

So, how do you deal with such people? If you have the chance, ignore them. When they come, you leave. If you’re the mischievous type, try to find ways to irritate them and have a good laugh at the result. It’s nice to be cynical sometimes. Wrong. It’s nice to be cynical all the time. But if you’re stuck with such characters, you’re a goner. Absolute goner. Unless you’re good at playing the tolerant game. One advice though. You had better have a foolproof release mechanism. Eating, smoking, riding a bike, whatever it may be. Because these people will definitely put you on the brink and you can only take so much. Do not underestimate the power of these guys to push you over the edge. I talk from experience. Remember about the magnet and company I keep? There you go.

Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, I only went back to JB today. What does that mean then? There are a few things. Firstly, having to start work on a Wednesday, which is good. But that only means postponing your Monday blues to a Wednesday. Although I do feel quite high spirited about coming to work tomorrow. Why? Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

Secondly, the highway is clear today. Clear and devoid of traffic, much like a friend’s head of hair (you know who you are). So I left home at 4.30 pm and was at Ayer Keroh by 6 pm. Don’t ask me at what speed I drove. I just enjoyed the highway.

And no, I still have not found the word synonymous to “aloof”. Sorry, probably “snobbish” might work.

Why can't it be like this everyday? *photograph credit to Google

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