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Random ramblings

November 9, 2011

It’s funny how certain circumstances affect you. And you do things just to make the effect go away, at least temporarily. I was affected in a profound way by something that happened at work today. Nothing major. I’m sure I should be able to overcome it somehow, but at the time it felt awful. I think my career was on tenterhooks then although for sure it wasn’t. You see, I do not want to plant any ideas in people’s minds about incompetence or anything like that. And I sure hope I didn’t do that today. Well, most probably not.

The thing is, I can’t sleep at the moment (it’s 2.52 a.m.) so please excuse the ramblings. So in order to try to sleep, I had to tire myself somewhat. In my mind, there’s only one thing to achieve that (despite what you sinister types out there may be thinking) and it’s by taking a ride. Riding gives you that peace of mind (if only temporarily) and of course, tires you out. I have not ridden in ages. In its silence, the bike has been screaming blue murder at my lack of activity and attention to it. Now being the rainy season where I am, I simply cannot find the time to ride.

Although you ride at night (when it’s cold) you still end up sweating profusely from all the gear you wear. So to be back, treat yourself to a shower and have a nice cuppa is great. I just hope I could distract my mind enough so I can fall asleep and not inflict further torture to my already fragile physique. I’m not an old guy by any means, but at times I do feel like it. Maybe it comes from all the stress and the thought I put into my work. And the thought that I am a father to three beautiful children. I owe them so much, so that adds on to the pressure.

I’m listening to a few Linkin Park tunes on YouTube. The kind of songs which would definitely be pedal to the metal stuff. I definitely think that listening to Linkin Park when I drive adds another 40 to 50 km/h of speed. Somehow the sound of rap metal (that’s what they call it) has a way of motivating you. Well maybe not motivating. Can’t really find the suitable word (what do you expect at 3 in the morning) but it definitely psyches you up somehow. You certainly wouldn’t drive along at 170 km/h listening to I’m All Out Of Love by Air Supply now would you?

I’m supposed to do something important tomorrow. A deadline looms. Well, that’s what work is all about isn’t it? Deadlines and more deadlines. Some people spell it as “datelines”. Can’t really differentiate the two. I see people using the terms interchangeably the practice of which I vehemently disagree. Although I don’t really know what dateline means. To me it has always been “deadline” i.e. the time limit set for you to do something or complete a task or anything of that sort. Is it just me or do you too find it funny/odd that there’s the word “dead” in deadline? Do this/that by this date or you’re dead. Is that what the guys who invented the word had in mind? Well, probably they did.

Damn, can’t get my iPad to connect to my iPhone. Wow, that must be the most geeky thing I’ve said all my life. And yes, I got  myself an iPad 2. Against all my natural proclivities. Sorry. Just can’t fight the gadget savvy (is that right?) side of me. Although I’ve rightfully dissed it earlier, now I helplessly succumb to its lure and submitted.

For a rambling session, this must be some sort of a record. Have to try to sleep. Or the word “deadline” may just take a turn to the literal junction. And Linkin Park keeps on playing. Cheers.

Damn, the guy with the bushy hair reminds me of Simoncelli. * photograph credit to Google

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