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Weapon of choice

April 23, 2012

Without giving too much away, the item I mentioned during one of my recent post has arrived. It’s black, has two doors and goes very fast and is now my pride and joy. I seek forgiveness for writing on this matter but the excitement simply outweigh the humility as I am far from being somebody who toots his own horn.

I’ve been traveling back and forth from JB to KL on a weekly basis for about a year plus now. Being someone who absolutely enjoys the driving part of it all, I hardly feel it’s a drag. Earlier on, the plan was to take a flight once every month or so. But that turned turtle. Been driving from the start. No disrespect to the old boy, but I think he deserves a rest after all the pounding I’ve put it through. And to his credit, he has served me extremely well for the past one year plus without so much as a whimper. It was my weapon of choice during my countless highway skirmishes of which I can say we’ve had our fair share of triumphs. I’m proud to say we make a good team, the boy and me.

It’s just that the time has come for me to seek an alternative. Not that I’m disposing the old boy, he’s still in the family I’m happy to announce. A new, slightly younger weapon of choice has come on board. To be honest, I’ve been on the lookout for quite a while now. Been considering a few models according to my fancy. The criteria is rather simple. I need a car that would be a great asset to me during my weekly travels, looks good, quite easy on the pocket and looks good of course. You see, I was never raised with lavishness. We were taught the value of money from early on. As such, the purchase of a car takes a whole lot of consideration.

I looked at a lot of models. VW, BMW and a few others. At last I settled for an Audi. I am of the view that Audi has managed to rebrand themselves successfully from the days when they were down in the dumps compared to other German makes. I also made up my mind on the model of choice. It was going to be the TT, a two door work of art. So I went and test drove a few. Well, a new TT costs RM350,000 which is totally out of my league, so I settled for a re-conditioned one for a lot less that that. Went to this car dealer friend of mine who sold me my present car. The experience was good enough and he brought me 4 cars for me to test drive.

To cut a long story short, all the formalities have been cleared. I took delivery of the car last Saturday (21 April 2012) and drove it to JB the very next day. My conclusion: brilliant piece of engineering. You can’t expect less from a German make. I describe it as being an angry car, especially at low speeds. You go slow, it’ll start making whiny faces and urge you to go faster. And faster. The result: Shahrin is now a happy boy.

Thank you Allah for giving me the rezeki and ability to achieve what I previously thought as being unachievable.


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