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Here we go again!

May 14, 2011

What do you know…two days after I started to blog (or rather think I could blog) again, Blogger screwed me. I pasted the entries to my last blog way back in 2006 in my new blog, added a new post, and lo and behold it went missing after half a day. That sucks man. Now I am starting all over again, while I have the spirit and motivation, so bear with me. I’ll do the cutting and pasting a little bit later as I still think I should do it. This owed to the fact that I like to read the old entries (perasan!) and the way I wrote it.

The thing is, I think I was more carefree then and the writing style was very casual and happy if you like. Now I could categorise myself as a more serious person. Which I do not like to be honest. Didn’t really notice it until I started to write. Everything sounds you know, a little tight-arsed, or uptight or what have you. I’d like to think of myself as that carefree person, like the guy in 2006. The other difference is (and I think the more important one) I am more stable now. In most aspects, be it in my career, financially and in my life in general. But what a price to pay, kan? Getting some stability in your life with the trade off of being a more tight-arsed person. Damn!

All that said, I have tons and tons of work to finish. In all honesty, I don’t mind working on a Saturday night if that’s what it takes. It’s not the norm, but to succeed you can’t be the norm can you? In the quest to be different, you’ve got to do what others don’t do or rather would not do. I really believe that all the effort you put in would prove to be useful or beneficial later. Not a rajin guy by any means, I’d rather be sitting, lounging around watching TV. But what choice do I have?

Enough of this serious stuff. I think I’ve chosen a good day to re-commence blogging. Why? Today is the day Manchester United FC won their 19th League title. That matters to me. I’ve been supporting United since I was in Standard 3 and that was 28 years ago. Duxbury, Robson, Kanchelskis, Parker and the others were my heroes. For all I care Astro could just have the Movie and Sports channels and I wouldn’t complaint. I could just be watching some movies and the Premier League and Champions League. Not to forget MotoGP and to a lesser extent, Formula 1. Now, back to United. Sir Alex, could you please buy that guy Wesley Sneijder for next season? I really think he’s a brilliant player. You missed on van der Vaart and Ozil (I really think you should’ve gone for him) and the others. Come clean please, the 80 million pounds from the Ronaldo transfer wasn’t really there to be spent was there?

The cutting and pasting would still come later…you are not yet released!

  1. tahniah bro. welcome to the club..jgn hang stop blogging lak lepas nie 😀
    btw, why shld we buy Sneijder when we on the brink of another Premier League and CL double?

    • Gotta find a way of rediscovering the writing touch I guess. Anyway the team should always be continuously improved ye tak? The cliche is always about Giggs and Scholes who is almost certain to retire at the end of this season. Giggs will be sparingly used next season. So SAF has got to buy. The same goes with Berbatov. I like the guy but probably he’s gonna go as well. All that said, I really don’t think the funds are there. At least not the £80 million.

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