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May 14, 2011

OK. As I mentioned, I just want to cut and paste entries from my previous blog here. Why don’t I continue there you ask? The blog has expired, all attempts at resuscitating have failed. As such it has to be done here. My first post there was on 20 December 2006:
It’s late. I know I should be sleeping now. But this is what I do almost every night…surfing the internet and thank god, I’ve created this blog and this is my first post. At least by posting something here, I feel I’m doing something a bit more berfaedah rather than looking at some crap that people email me.
We’re close to moving house. It’ll be in the next few days. The furniture is already delivered. But you know, this moving house thing, especially when you’ve been staying in your mom’s house for the past seven years, is bloody expensive. We’ve got no furniture, no electrical appliances, everything’s got to be purchased for the first time. I kid you not, it’s expensive.
Enough of my troubles. Anyway, what’s the deal with MU’s 1-0 defeat to West Ham the other day eh? Did they play like shit or what? OK, before anybody brands me a glory hunter for supporting MU, I’d like to say that I’ve been supporting them since I was in Standard 3 OK…that’s a long time ago considering I’m 32 years young this year. Anyway, back to the other day’s debacle…when you’re a goal down and you bring in O’Shea, I think that shows the lack of depth isn’t it? Never one to kick my team when they’re down, but I’m dead serious this time.
Is it the same MU I see for the past two seasons? Not necessarily. This season their form has been OK, but with Chelsea’s depth, maybe MU won’t last the season. Who knows?
I’m getting my payment tomorrow from Jotun…and feeling sick to my stomach. Investment made and the returns do not remotely match! Aisey…maybe what I’ve been told is true. Just cash out and get out of the business. But I simply can’t do that. I think the company has got some serious potential and could really be a cash cow in say, 2 years’ time. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a job.
It’s a jungle out there….
Shahrin Albakri
The second one was on 21 December 2006:
Brought my daughter to Gleneagles today. She has this skin condition. Not severe, but enough to warrant specialist attention. Appointment was at 9.45 am. Had to wait for almost 2 hours before we could see the doctor. Even had time to doze off whole waiting. The wife was already on the brink from the wait. Luckily the doctor was a nice chap. Explained the whole mumbo jumbo about skin, exzema and the like. Gave plenty of medication too. Hopefully things will get better after this.
I’m getting closer to moving. Moved some stuff from my mom’s house today on a trolley. Actually my mum’s house is just like 200 metres from my new place. So moving is not actually a major chore. Been living in this neighbourhood for like 21 years now so it makes sense to look for a property here.
Been eyeing this LCD TV for a while now. To be honest I’m still in two minds about buying the stuff. A part of me says “go for it, man!”. The angel in me tells me to wait and use the money for something more beneficial. But wait, is getting the LCD TV really a bad thing? Not beneficial? Certainly there’s some pro in this decision…(that’s the dark side talking). Imagine the hours and hours of fun with it. MU games, Formula 1, DVDs…the fun is endless. So I think the dark side will win in the end. As so eloquently put by Nizam, “kalau hang dah nak benda tu, hang beli je. Nanti lepaih tu hang kerja la kuat-kuat cari duit lagi!” Nizam my friend, I thank you for giving me the perfect excuse to indulge…
So, MU are up against Aston Villa this weekend, eh? I don’t think anybody’s injured and Park Ji-sung is coming back into the team, which is always a good thing, but Aston Villa under Martin O’Neill is always a different proposition. They’ve got that boy Agbonlahor and Petrov. MU got to be careful. I think Villa could spring a surprise or two. Hopefully they win. I just loathe Mourinho’s guts. Somebody ought to put him in his place. Henrik Larsson maybe? Hargreaves? You never know.
Till then…
Shahrin Albakri
Next one, 26 December 2006:
The last few days have been a blur. Finally moved in last Saturday. Got everything (well almost everything…) in order. So Saturday night was malam pertama at the new house. Wasted no time in getting my prized possession that is the LCD TV. Harga jangan ceritalah…mahal oi! But to be honest it was worth it. Merely looking at it (not watching it, mind you) brings me great satisfaction. And the picture quality is excellent. Tu belum lagi try main PS2 kat situ, sure lagi cun beb!
But the worst thing is going to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to get some things for the new place. It’s so huge, kalau miss the place where you’re supposed to get your things, jangan harap nak turn back. Murni and myself, Nureen included got back in a heap. Penat betul!! That night we went to Giant Batu Caves pulak. From the shopping point of view, memang excellent. We may need a few days to recover our collective energies back, though.
What about the Paul Scholes volley the other night, eh? Perfect technique or what? But being the sceptic that I am, I just hope they can keep up the momentum. Chelsea seems unable to lose at the moment. Mesti ada last minute goal punya. Drogbalah, Robbenlah…Man U kalau sekali Scholes or Giggs or Ronaldo get injured, we’re screwed. Tonight’s game should be ok. Playing at home Man U are always ok. But lets not get too confident…
Yesterday our house was this hotbed of visitors. Ramai orang datang. In the afternoon, my in-laws came for lunch, albeit a late one. You can call lunch at 3pm a late one I suppose. Then Banglang came after Maghrib. Pakcu dropped by after that. Seeing Murni layan everyone of them, especially Pakcu’s family, brings joy to my heart. Maklumlah, rumah sendiri. Lepas makan garlic bread, everybody was treated to ice cream.
I see a bright future for us in this new house….
Shahrin Albakri
After that, it was on 1 January 2007 (masa ni semangat lagi geng):
Today is the first day of the year 2007. With challenges anew. Azam tahun baru? Man, I’m just trying to stay afloat in the current circumstances. New challenges mean new problems, just gotta pick myself up and face them head on. It’s not easy, but I have to for the sake of my family and myself. Pretty heavy stuff huh? Yeah, there’s a serious side to everybody and I guess I’m showing mine now.
Priorities in life. Find a job? Better life? All these questions linger and beg to be answered. Well, strengthen your resolve man, and you’ll get through it, InsyaAllah.
It’s Nureen’s first day at school tomorrow. The school will be having a test to determine which class she will be in, along with the other children. I think it places extra pressure on the child isn’t it? A test on your first day at school? That doesn’t seem like a good first impression of the school, kan? Anyway, I’m sure she’ll do fine.
Internet access has not been transferred to the new house yet. So everytime I wanna check my emails etc, I have to go to mak’s house (not that it’s that far, anyway). So posts would be few…
Anyway, Happy New Year!
If you notice, at the end there’s that disclaimer “so posts would be few”…that was a sign of things to come i.e. posts getting less and less. The next one, 1 February 2007:
There has been silence for a month in this blog. Finally, I have streamyx in my new house, thus able to get online. I know its kinda lame to say this. To be fair, I have been a bit malas to blog as there has been nothing to say, apart from my views on football. Ahh…football. What’s the deal with the national team at the recent tournament? The ASEAN tournament or something like that.
We lost to Singapore…surprise, surprise! I always thought that the national team would come through eventually and win something for a change. But to lose after penalties hurt hurt me especially. That boy Kyril Muhymeen had no business taking the final kick. Maybe this is a situation where the coach asked the players to volunteer for the spotkicks.
The boy felt he had the bottle to take the kick. Maybe he then volunteered. But the manner the kick was taken, even the hapless Hassan Miskam could’ve saved it. That really hurt. To be fair, the other four spotkicks were well taken. That’s what really hurt. After four good kicks, to lose the match that way was bad.
I always like to kasi chance to people. But then let’s get real. I kasi chance to Diego Forlan before, and he did not deliver. But I think I was right at the end. Look at what he did in Villareal…outscoring even the great Eto’o no less.
This time I cannot kasi chance to the national team. Not any more. I’ve aways thought the way for the team to progress was to send their players to play abroad. By saying abroad I don’t mean Europe or anything like that. Even leagues in the Asian region are fine. At least they’ll develop the real professinal attitude, eh. Then trust me, they’ll move forward.
Anyway, for me (I’m in aggressive mode now) winning with a handful of naturalised players is definitely not the way to win. I’m not a sore loser, but who knows what the score would’ve been if Malaysia were up against an all-Singaporean team? No Mustafic, Precious, Shi Jia Yi and the like. We would have a good chance methinks.
Majulah Bolasepak Untuk Negara. Tolonglah!!
Shahrin Albakri
The absolute last entry was on 28 May 2007. That long! (well masa ni dah tak berapa semangat beb):
Is three months a long time or what?
This time a short entry will do, I think. Hopefully it’ll get more regular. Just an entry to express my frustration at being in my third bike accident in one and a half weeks. I must be doing something terribly wrong to deserve this eh?
Anyway, been busy with my new job. So haven’t had the time to update. I know it’s a lame excuse, but hey, this is a totally voluntary thing isn’t it? Will try to update more regularly this time. Guess there’s nothing much to say about my life. Don’t get me wrong, I do have ambitions, aspirations and the like. It’s just that in the meantime, there’s nothing too interesting to report.
Will be back….
Shahrin Albakri
So, this time let’s see how long I’ll last OK? I’d like to discipline myself by writing about things in my life if I absolutely can. Let’s see how this goes then…

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