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Of thieves and being a zombie

May 26, 2011

Two nights ago, something profound happened to me. I had wanted to ride to work on Tuesday. As is always I would make sure the bike is parked outside the house (but still within the compound). I don’t really get to ride nowadays, so naturally I look forward to the moments when I do get to ride. Riding to me, is something very difficult for a non-rider to understand. It’s associated with a high level of risk, a man’s ego and sometimes mid-life crisis (rest assured I do not ride because I’m facing a mid-life crisis although based on the Malaysian male life expectancy of 73.79 years, I’m just about in my mid-life now). I know there’s the risk bit, but I just love the speed. It’s exhilarating, and the sense of freedom is unrivalled. I can be very stressed at work but as soon as I’m on the bike, the stress just melts away.  At least for the duration that I’m riding anyway.

Back to the profound incident, that night I went to sleep at about 1.45 am after completing some office work. Barely 15 minutes in, I heard a bike speeding away from what appears to be my home. You know that moment when you are asleep and you suddenly wake up and you’re neither awake nor asleep? I was in that exact place. Not really paying attention to the sound of the bike, I dozed off. About 10 seconds later (I think), I heard my house’s doorbell ringing repeatedly. In a flash I got up and saw my neighbour, Kak Siti and her son standing outside my house. Apparently 2 men were trying to gain entry into my house. They fled upon seeing Kak Siti’s son coming out of his house wielding a parang. Before Kak Siti’s son surprised them, they were able to cut one of the padlocks to my gate (I have 2).

Kak Siti was adamant that they guys were going after my bike and insisted that I keep it in the house. I wasn’t really able of thinking clearly then so without giving it much thought, I pushed the bike into my house which put paid to my intention of riding the next day. The thing is, I couldn’t get any sleep after that (who could?). I closed my eyes but the fear of the b*****ds returning haunted me. As such I wasn’t able to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. I woke up the next morning feeling (and I’m sure looking) like a zombie. On a side note, I don’t really know what a zombie feels like, but what the heck. Changed the locks to my gate and went to the office. Arrived at about 11 am, still feeling like a total wreck.

Went to the police station later to talk to the police about my predicament. I was rather pleased with the level of service given to me by the guys at the station. Constable Sofian was especially nice. He helped me with my report, told me what to do and even introduced me to some of his police buddies. I spent a good 45 minutes at the police station. To be honest, I hope my newly found confidence with the police is not misplaced. I pray the time where that confidence is tested never comes. But in any case the police reassured me of my safety (to a certain extent). But come to think of it, how much can the police do, isn’t it? They can’t be guarding your house 24/7 can they? Well, they’re the best hope I have at this moment in time, so that’ll do for now.

My bike is now nicely parked somewhere safe and is guarded by a man with a gun. I do hope it’s safe there. The thing is, once you own a bike, you can’t really imagine not having one. It’s always about the feeling of being able to ride whenever you feel like it. Although again, I don’t think the thieves were going after my bike, but who knows? For now, I’ve just got to tough it out and pray that nothing bad happens, InsyaAllah.

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  1. Iza permalink

    Waaaaaaaa prolific writer nowadays ya

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