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Riding – soon enough!

August 18, 2011

Just came back from having my sahur at the nearby mamak restaurant. Just don’t trust myself waking up at 5 am later. Not when I’m this knackered. Earlier on, I managed to get up at about 4 am or thereabouts. The problem then was that I find myself not being able to sleep until 6 am. Which resulted in me being a zombie at work. When you need to read a lot of documents at work (and doing a lot of thinking in the process) being a zombie at work is bad news. Wouldn’t want the quality of work to suffer. So nowadays I just have something before I retire and try to have a good night’s sleep. Which isn’t easy when you’re alone in a semi-detached house. Owing to my previous edgy experience, I’ll wake up at the hint of any sound. Which disturbs your daily sojourn in a rather rude way.

Anyway, as I was making my way out of the house, I saw my riding jacket slumped on my bag and immediately felt a tinge of sadness. My attention immediately turned to my bike, peacefully parked in the living room (the fact of which contributed to my lack of riding time). And I thought of the last time I rode which was on the second day of Ramadhan, about two weeks ago. I’ve been trying my best to ride to work ever since but a combination of factors (all merited) prevented me from doing so. To be perfectly honest, I really miss riding. The exhilaration of pulling on the throttle is incomparable. Speed just liberates you in a way which you never knew possible.

Back then when I just bought my Ducati, I was scared. They say a Ducati is never a good bike for a first time superbiker but I persevered and learned to tame the beast. The road was filled with challenges. Dropped the bike on the first day. But to hear the howl of the two-cylinder engine and the unmistakable sound of the dry clutch brought me to a totally different level. That was when I realised that biking was the thing for me. I then started to ride on a daily basis to my office which was located in Subang Jaya then. I covered a distance of about 90 kilometres daily. Riding has become an obsession. I’ll ride to work every single day and still feel the need to ride on weekends. I was truly addicted. I ended up riding to work for 2 years, getting unbridled joy in the process. So when I barely get to ride nowadays, the feeling of being a little bit down at times is probably understandable.

From now on I will  try to ride once a week at least. The trusty Ducati has been traded in for a Kawasaki Z1000SX (haven’t really decided whether it was the correct decision. I do hope she’ll get a good owner who’ll love her as much as I did. I still do). I think my target of riding at least once a week is achievable. They say aim low. Anything more would be a bonus. But I need to do something first. I really have to replace the Kawasaki’s exhaust pipes which to be honest, sounds too tame for my liking. The exhilaration of hearing the sound of a bike engine revving is out of this world. Sure it doesn’t hold a candle to a two-cylinder plus dry clutch sound, but it’ll do. But as the Kawasaki has a twin exhaust (one on each side) that necessarily means double the cost. However it needs to be done for me to sustain my interest. Looking forward to it. Please do not worry dear Alpinestars jacket. You’ll be on the saddle soon enough!

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