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Of United youngsters and tripping circuits

August 23, 2011

Waking up to watch football matches was never my thing. As far as I can remember, I only woke up (or stayed up) for matches during really important games. Champions’ League final, that sort of thing. However, last night I felt like watching Manchester United v. Tottenham Hotspur. I was primed, already getting ready to sleep at 12.30 am, somewhat of a rarity for me. Usually sleep time is at 2 am, an ungodly hour for some.

So I woke up at 2.45 am and the game just started. United were up and running. Which was uncharacteristic of them. They are perennial slow starters. The first few games would usually end in draws and one or two losses. But to see them flying so early on was great. And doing it with Cleverley, Wellbeck and Anderson who was on the periphery of the first team for a long time. As for Cleverley and Wellbeck, it was evident that their loan spells have done them a world of good. The passing and movement was brilliant. At the same time doing all this with Evans, Jones, Evra and Smalling as the back four. Tackles were flying in, the players showed a lot of courage, determination and hunger. Which was heartening to see. To top it all off, it appears that the squad for yesterday’s game was the second youngest ever squad ever fielded by Sir Alex in the Premier League.

I was particularly impressed with de Gea. Of course the jury is still out where his handling of crosses is concerned, but to see his composure when on the ball (and under pressure) was good. His distribution was top drawer. So that’s a big plus for United. To be honest United facing Spurs was not a game I’d particularly look forward to. To me Spurs have depth in abundance and I was particularly wary of van der Vaart who to me apart from Hernandez was a clear candidate for the buy of the season last season and Spurs’ gain was United’s loss then. But in hindsight, the fact that he was such an injury prone player softened the blow a little bit.

But in the second half last night United was clinical in their finishing. Wellbeck’s backheel for Anderson to finish was simply delightful. The young players are really coming of age. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new period of dominance for United (not that they were not dominant before).

Enough of football. Today I came back to a house devoid of electricity supply. Which got me worried. What with the long holidays around the corner. To say that I am well versed with electrical circuits would be the joke of the year. Maybe of all time. So in my own ignorant way, I repeatedly turned the main switch back on. And the bloody thing kept on tripping. So I had to summon all my DIY skills (which admittedly, was nowhere near enough) and searched for the cause of the problem. I managed to (I think) isolate the problem to one of the sockets near the TV. Which presented a totally new issue. I simply cannot do without the TV.

Luckily I am in possession of many extension cords. So my source of entertainment was restored. In any case, I’ve got find help tomorrow. The circuit simply cannot trip while I’m in KL. Who knows, it may just turn into a huge fireball and engulf the house. And I cannot turn the power off before going back for my holidays. With the fridge off, the ice cream will melt. A ridiculous trade off, but I know the value of ice cream. So because of that, I simply must call a technician tomorrow.

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