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Please don’t cry, Farah Batrisyia Albakri

November 24, 2011

I have work to finish tonight. Unfortunately for me, my mind is in a non-working mode. Which sucks big time. They say when your mind is tired, a fit body doesn’t matter (not that I have a fit body). Physically I feel fine but I find that my writing has gone off the rails, work wise anyway.

Tonight until the weekend, Nureen Sabrina is on a sleepover at my brother’s house. She has been looking forward to it for the last few weeks. I see no issues with her wanting to enjoy herself once in a while. What more with the school holidays. Days filled with school and tuition are bound to tax her. So some time away with her cousin will I hope, do her some good. The down side to that is Farah Batrisyia misses her sister. Spoke to her on the phone just now. She sounds really downbeat. I asked her if she misses her sister. She replied “yes” very slowly. I could sense that she was beginning to cry. Which is heart wrenching. I tried to comfort her the best I can. I just can’t see my children crying, especially for reasons like that.

I feel my eyes welling with tears. How can I make it better for her when I am so far away? God knows I love her and would do anything in my power to make her feel if only a little better. I know it is temporary and she will be her usual joyful, mischievous self tomorrow morning. You see, Farah sleeps with Nureen every night (well, almost every night) so when Nureen is not around it’s inevitable that she’ll miss her. As they say you’ll only appreciate somebody once he/she is gone. So I have this heavy feeling in my heart. I hope she sleeps early tonight so the feeling will go away.

Adik, always remember Abah loves you so much. The sky and the moon are yours if you wish so. Please stop crying sayang. Abah will fetch Kakak Nureen as soon as Abah is back from JB ya. Please do not cry as Abah is far away and would not be able to comfort you the way Abah wants to. Be strong Adik. I will see you soon.

The reason.

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