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Of bonus payments, English and lizards

December 7, 2011

Today we just had the company’s Board of Directors’ meeting. After the meeting ended and I was in public view, I was inundated with the burning question at this time of the year. “Berapa bulan?”. No it’s not about pregnancy months, it’s about how many months’ bonus would the company be paying this year. I must admit we have done quite well this year compared to the last one. PBT has doubled (just about). Not many companies can claim that quite frankly. So it’s a magnificent achievement. Naturally the company will be handing out quite a generous bonus this year. And I’m happy for the guys who have worked hard. That being the case, bonus payments as usual would depend on the individual staff’s performance over the period of the financial year. As such it would still be subject to your performance appraisal.

Personally, I am not a fan of the performance appraisal system and the Bell curve. I wanted to do some research on this Bell curve thing. I guess it’s called the Bell curve because it looks like a Bell. And not named after Alexander Graham Bell (please disregard that one). A certain percentage of staff would score high and some low. And some extremely low. Nothing you can do about it. It’s just the way the Bell curve system works. In any case, I hope things work out well this year for everybody. I have a plan all set if I do get paid a good bonus  this year. Involves a test drive. Can’t say too much as it’s rather premature at this juncture.

Moving on. I’ve written about this many moons ago. I’ve been monitoring (not stalking) this particular person’s Facebook postings for some time. I’m not a person who easily gets irritated by anything (don’t really know what other people think about this) but here’s the thing – this person is qualified to teach English. But you simply can’t tell from the way this person writes. Let’s get one thing clear. I am not expecting Shakespearean English here. Although you’d expect better English from somebody who is qualified to teach English for heaven’s sake. I am itching to quote an example here. But to do so would reveal the identity of the person (I think I may already have). So I apologise for the lack of example. They say when lawyers speak they are always backed by some sort of authority and almost always quotes examples. Can’t do that here.

Let me just say one thing (and I’ve said this before). I will not in a million years let my children be taught English by this person. No wonder the standard of English in schools is deteriorating beyond repair (to me at least). Honestly, if this is the standard of English teachers, who knows what kind of English will be spoken/written by CEOs or MDs twenty to thirty years from now? People pretty much know that I am near-obsessed with  the correct usage of English. No shame in that for me. How else would you expect it to be? It’s important for self confidence and survival (almost).

I drink lots of Nescafe. In the morning and at night. If I go out for drinks with friends, I’ll have it too. Since I am a lazy person, I only have the 3 in 1 variety at home (if case you don’t know by now, I live alone on weekdays). However, I am seriously thinking going off the 3 in 1 at this time. You may think that it is because of what they say about pre-mixed drinks. That it’s bad for you. Processed sugar, that kind of thing. Apparently if you drink it often enough, you are going to fall sick. No, that’s not the reason. I’m thinking of going off Nescafe 3 in 1 because of a reason which you would never have thought of. Not too long ago, I left JB for a few days and went back to KL. Unknowingly, I forgot to clean the mug I usually have my Nescafe in. Went I came back, I had the shock of my life. There was a dead lizard in the mug! No prizes for guessing what I did to said mug. To make a long story short this happened again last week.

I wanted to take a photo of the mug (with the uninvited guest in it) and upload it here. Don’t have the fortitude though. The less said about it the better. I don’t know. I may lay off it or I may not.

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