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Of speed traps at night and new year’s resolutions

January 2, 2012

It’s been ages since I’ve written. As I am not someone who attaches blame on other people, I’ll just blame myself for the cobwebs here. And I shall take the affirmative action to remedy that by well, write. I’d like to share something tonight in case you’ve not heard. I’ve written about losing my “pemandu berhemah” tag since moving to JB and making the weekly trip to KL and back. And I remember writing about my right foot making the uncanny transformation from flesh and blood to lead while I’m driving at night. You see, every time I drive back to KL from the office, I’ll take the Second Link highway to the North-South highway. I know there are speed cameras there during the daytime. So I’ll keep my speed down to the speed limit.

Two weeks ago I went back a little later than usual. It was already dark when I left. In keeping with the current trend, I sped the car’s a**e off. Lo and behold, there was a road block just before the North-South highway. I was flagged and asked to drive to the roadside (surprise, surprise). The policeman was very polite in telling me that I have been speeding. “Laju ni Encik, 146 (or something) ni.” I just couldn’t believe it. Isn’t it night time? I thought you guys only catch speed fiends like me in the day. “Oh, kamera kita sekarang ada flash Encik. So malam-malam pun boleh tembak (the affectionate term for identifying speed limit violators like yours truly) jugak”. Thank you for that little titbit of information. Which I totally wasn’t aware of for the longest time. To make matters worse, it’s not only along the Second Link, but along the North-South highway as well.

I feel like logging on to the MyEG portal to check on my outstanding summons. However I am frightened of doing so at the risk of discovering the worst. Which I think would be the most likely outcome. Can’t really say how I’ll fare in that department. Well, I’ve got no choice but to own up, have I?

I hope it’s not too late to wish everybody Happy New Year. At this time every year, you hear people forming new year’s resolutions all around. I’d like to be more punctual, I’d like to work harder, I’d like to earn more money etc., just to quote a few. Well, every man/woman to his/her own. Personally, I believe we should be on a continuous journey to improve ourselves, to work harder and smarter, earn more money etc. We don’t really need a special time of the year to form resolutions do we? This is akin to asking for forgiveness during Hari Raya. It’s the same concept. Never been too much of a believer in new year’s resolutions. I spent new year’s eve the other day working.

2012 to me is just like another year. Nothing too special, really. I’ll just continue doing what I do best. Which is work my socks off. And continue to look forward to better things in life and at work. Happy New Year everybody!

Best wishes for the new year! *image credit to Google


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