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The boy in me

January 9, 2012

Recently, I received a comment from a person about a remark which was made about me. Don’t really know the actual way the remark was made, it inferred that I let the boy in me out in the open rather more regularly than necessary. Or something like that. I also don’t know the context in which the remark was made. As such my response here couldn’t be interpreted as more than speculation at the very best except for my management leadership/management philosophy which is the second subject of this entry.

Frankly I am quite happy that the observation was made. Firstly, it showed that people are observing me. Secondly, letting the boy in you out could be a good thing. Sorry, it’s definitely a good thing in my view. Let me tell you something. I almost never look at anything seriously. I find that my creativity is curtailed if I approach anything too seriously. I consider the facts and issues in a lighter way, a way which would stimulate my mind into finding solutions. I don’t go around laughing, cracking jokes and making fun of everything. In fact, I take my work bloody seriously but not in a serious manner (if that means anything).

Relating to that, I don’t believe in getting stressed out either. Which is what I would become if I am too serious about anything. I believe we should be able to see the lighter side of everything, even something which people don’t see on occasion. But you should also be able to switch to a more serious mode if required, but having in mind the outcome (usually personally thought of) of the way you have approached the issue in the first place. Give it a try, you may be surprised to find that you could be that little bit more effective in the things that you do, usually on work-related stuff. And if that means I’m labeled as letting the boy in me show one time too many, well that’s just too bad. I’m doing just fine as it is.

When I am presented with an issue, I welcome discussion and brainstorming. I am also very willing to accept ideas and solutions from others if said ideas and solutions make sense to me. That having said, at the same time I consciously try to take myself out of the proverbial box to find a suitable solution to the issue I’m facing. You see, some people are gifted with the ability to look at a problem out of the box and present out of the box solutions. Not me. That’s why as I said I try to do it consciously.

The other thing I believe is getting the best out of people by building relationships. Call it my leadership/management philosophy if you will. People should never be made to perform out of fear. They may perform that way, but usually never voluntarily. Granted, you may get things done, but with a great degree of dissatisfaction. Inevitably, the level of performance will drop over time. And when it drops, it’s never easy to revive. Relationships should be based on mutual respect which in turn, brings about ownership and responsibility to one’s work. I believe that if a person is respectful, nice and understanding, you will go out of your way not to let him/her down. That is the approach I adopt with people, everywhere and in all capacities.

So far, it has worked for me. Although there is a caveat to the philosophy. You would need to deal with mature people in order for the philosophy to work. People who have a sense of responsibility towards their work. This type of people will perform wonders given the right approach. Although at the same time you should not hesitate to wield the proverbial rod once in a while. The gap and frequency of understanding and rod-wielding should be ideal in order to achieve a balance. I’m still perfecting the technique. And I believe there is no point of perfection. There would always be opportunities for improvement and tweaking the philosophy.

I don’t know, but all this jazz about being a boy (once in a while) and getting the best out of people by building relationships has gotten me to where I am. As such I think the technique has been proven. At the end of the day, two words encapsulate the whole thing. And it’s called “being yourself”.

  1. Ex colleague permalink

    Suke!!!! Heh heh good writing man! ๐Ÿ™‚

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